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Where my Trip to the Cemetery led me


Where my Trip to the Cemetery led me

Part one of today’s blog, we left off with me discovering my great-grandmother’s maiden name was JAQUES, and that possibly the James, Mary Ann, and Emma JAQUES were related to her.  In actuality the original trip was a few years ago, and I was revisiting to see if I missed anything the first time, and to update my blog.

About the same time as my trip to the cemetery I had also requested copies of SS5 applications for some ancestors.  This form is the original application for a social security filled out by the applicant.  Once a person is deceased it is available due to the freedom of information act.  The data  available is: First, middle and last name.  Employer at the time, address, birth date, and location.  The name of the applicant’s parents including the maiden name of the mother.  At the time it was a $7 fee, now it has increased to $27.

According to the SS5 form of Arthur Henry Fennimore (my great grandfather), and Raymond Jaques Fennimore (my great great Uncle) their father was William Fennimore, and their mother was Matilda Jaques.   I’m fairly confident that Matilda Jaques is my ancestor at this point.  Ideally I would like to get her birth, marriage and death certificates, in order to do so I must know the exact date and location of the event.  I guess it’s time to go to the Census, newspapers, birth records and death records

Information on obtaining a SS5 applications.

Most importantly the ancestor needs to be deceased, and alive and working 1935+

First it helps to have the social security number.  You can find this data from the social security death index



Social security death index



How to get a copy of the SS5 form



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