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It’s been too long…

It’s been too long, really as in years too long.  My day job has become more demanding over the past few years, making it nearly impossible to work as a genealogist on weekends.  I’ve also had some personal challenges that contributed to this dilemma, which has made me a bit sad.  I do love genealogy, and working on challenging cases.  I have decided to focus on personal research and paying attention to my blog.  In support of my goals, I joined a woman’s writers group and have been attending some classes.  My first step in my 2018 journey is to dust off this blog and decide what I want to write.

I love to research the underdogs and rascals.  If you are a genealogist you may have heard the term “reasonably exhaustive search;” well I tend towards the unreasonably exhaustive search.  I want to know the subject’s entire story.  I don’t have that luxury when working for another, but for myself, there are no limits other than time and energy. So for the next few months, I will be dabbling in some of my favorite cases, places, and techniques.  When time or energy is limited my posts will be short, and when the stars align perhaps a bit more in-depth research techniques.  Hopefully, something will help your research or pique your interest in one of my “ladies.” If only I read this then at least I will have practiced my writing.


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