Get your Family History out of the Files!



Two decades of research sits in my file cabinets and on my PC.  In the past I’ve tried fan charts, and a few other ways to display my research, nothing made it to the wall.  For the longest while it was because I wanted to find just one more ancestor, my tree was never quite “done”.  I then realized I would never really be finished, however I was proud of my work and really wanted to display it in a manner that wouldn’t bore the regular folks.  While a fellow genealogist may find my five-year search for the name of my Great-Great Grandmother, most people aren’t interested.  I decided finally to look for an esthetically pleasing family tree.  The search for an item that would fit into my home took a bit of time, but I finally found the perfect match.


I searched on, a web marketplace for unique and handcrafted items.  There were quite a few choices but I settled on the Staker Store.  She designs trees out of the names of family members, with leaves indicating place of birth.  I was even able to include my stepparents in my display, something a fan chart wouldn’t allow.  I’m very happy with my artwork, and couldn’t wait to get it up on the wall.  I really should have done it years ago.



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