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Last week the New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists met in the Plainfield Public Library.  Melissa Johnson, CG® presented the topic Scrivener writing software for genealogists.  She demonstrated how she uses it along with some hints and tips.

I have owned Scrivener for years, and have dabbled with it but have yet to adopt it for my writing. I am a notebook junkie, and I use OneNote extensively for my 7-10,  9-5 job. It should have been an easy shift from Word to Scrivener but, it  hasn’t stuck yet.  I’ve taken classes, and tried it for report writing but still end up going back to Word.  Word is terrific but for some of my writing, I find that I’m going back too much between my research journal, my document, and Preview.  I then end up using a notebook to jot down my thoughts.  Scrivener would eliminate quite a bit of that waste.

Melissa’s presentation was thorough, and it encouraged me to try Scrivener again.  My full-time job is hectic this year, so I’ve thrown in the towel on doing any substantive writing or researching for 2018.  This year will mostly be dedicated to learning, volunteering and getting my blog back on track.  When I am asked to help someone else or provide guidance, it will be turned into a blog post whenever possible.

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing some of your knowledge with other professional researchers.  You inspired me!


Melissa Johnson CG

Scrivener – Free Trial

Coupon for Scrivener – 2018

(Note I did not try the coupon, but it is worth a try), if it doesn’t work please, let me know)

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